Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Love Circles

I was so excited when I made these scalloped cards and it was all because of a posting at Dotty Pudding's Place

Now Jo has *real* Nesties but since I don't, I used my old fashioned 3" scalloped punch for the outsides and my 2.5" circle for the insides . . . I made a 4" X 6" card to go along with them :o)

I love the look of them and they are super easy to make [now that I know how] so I know I'll be making LOTS more!!



Dotty Jo said...

Hi Dallas, now I understand why you needed the measurements... I thought you already had Nesties. Doh!
Scallop edge punches do the job really well and will probably last longer as Nesties are great, but seem a little delicate. They are so thin. Happy crafting sweetie, love your blog - so full of colour and fun! Jo x

Dallas said...


I've searched for larger than a 3" scalloped punch but so far, haven't found one --

Thanks for the *heads up* on Nesties!

Happy Crafting!

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