Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hand Carved Stamps from Devon England

The blend of colours on the paper was an *accident* ~ turns out I hadn't cleaned off enough of the darker blue when I added the lighter blue :o)


I purposely did not add any sentiments, so that they could be used for any occasion ...

If you've never shopped on ETSY before, you should check it out :o)

My baby barn owl and pair of birdies rubber stamps, HAND CARVED, arrived from Devon England and they are even sweeter than they looked in Skull and Cross Buns' shop!  She ships all over the world and her prices are excellent.


Dotty Jo said...

These are wonderful Dallas - must go take a look! Jo x

Dallas said...

She's not been on etsy long but has several to choose from and your delivery would be much quicker than mine :o)

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