Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Rose for a Friend

I made this card yesterday for an old friend of mine ~ we've known each other since we were in High School together!

After looking over this blog and my etsy shop, she phoned me and told me that she is going to try her hand at stamping and making her own cards :o)  
Even though we've lived almost 3,000 miles away from each other since 1985, it will give us one more thing in common and we'll be able to exchange notes and ideas and I promised her she'd have loads of fun and be hooked by this new *hobby* before she knows it :o)


Dotty Jo said...

Does your friend really know what she is leeting herself in for... hobby or addiction? Little wonder that she was inspired by your gorgeous cards Dallas! Jo x

Dallas said...

That's what I warned her about!! :o)

She said she's going to start simple by just using blank cards and going to the Dollar store for supplies ... I told her that that was what I told myself when I started and it just *blossoms* from there -- as you well know!

Blessings Jo!

Mary J said...

Hi Dallas, hope you are having a super weekend! I think your card is so delicate and feminine, lovely!

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