Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm So Tired

When you love doing something, it's always gratifying to know there are others *out there* who like it too!

Sometimes, like it enough to buy it and that was my experience last week when I sold 3 collages in 4 days ~ needless to say, I was delighted :o)

As icing on the cake, I was contacted by an interior design comapany in the state of Massachusetts for permission to use a photo of one of my collages for an upcoming article they're doing . . . I'll link to it once they tell me that it's been posted on their blog :o)

Because I'm not feeling well and am SO TIRED after getting up at 5 o'clock this morning from the deep, throbbing pain of gout in my right foot, I decided to take it easy and made the above 2 baby elephant collages this afternoon to pass the time since I don't feel up to going to town as I had planned.

Trust your weekend is relaxing for you and that you are surrounded by loved ones and find a little time to do the things you enjoy the most :o)


Amanda said...

Oh Dallas, I just love these collages you are making! It is just too precious! No wonder you are going to be published!
Hope that gout will disappear soon!

Dallas said...


Thanks! I'm NOT going to be published -- they're just going to use a photo to explain how parents can use their child's own art in decorating their rooms :o)

The pain from the gout was gone by last night and for that, I'm thankful :o)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Dallas, glad to see that your collages are getting recognised! Bad news about the gout. A friend of mine used to get it so I know that it comes and goes but is super painful. Hugs, Jo x

Dallas said...

Thanks Jo -- hope your friend doesn't get it too often!

I wound up having to take 2 doses of the gout pain med and it worked before yesterday was over so I was very thankful :o)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Mary Fish said...

Way to dazzle the Pals Paper Arts Design team . . . congrats on being one of this week's PPA Picks! Hugs, M

Shauna said...

Those are super cute! I'd definitely hang one on a wall in my place :-)

Dallas said...

Thanks Mary!!

Dallas said...

Shauna ~ Glad you would :o)

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