Monday, April 12, 2010

My Crafting Space

I've been stamping and playing with paper since the spring of 2009 and until January of this year, I used the kitchen-dining table as my work area.  Come meal time, it was so frustrating because I had to move whatever project I was working on, even if I was in the middle of something!

At that point, I decided to claim our 'daughter's childhood room now guestroom' as my own craft space.

I don't know about you, but I've always enjoyed peeking into the craft rooms of others and seeing where they work and what they use, so here's mine ...

The area has already undergone a few changes since the creation of this video as I have added more supplies and stamps ... I've added a couple more of the shoebox drawers on top of those shown here on the far LEFT side ...

The reason I'm content using such a small cutting pad on my work surface is because I'm looking forward to Christmas when I'll receive my much suggested gift from whoever would like to do the honours ~ a Scor-Pal and Scor-Mat . . . After seeing all the things it's capable of, I can hardly wait!!


Dotty Jo said...

Hi Dallas, thanks for the tour. I always love seeing everyone's individual craft spaces! Your room looks really friendly and personal, but also full of natural light and very organised. Thanks for sharing and btw, I love your accent! Jo x

See Chelle's Stampin' Spot said...

Hi Dallas,

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your craft room looks great, oh how I would love one and depart from my dining room table.

Hope to see you again soon


Dallas said...


One day you'll be able to find *some small corner* in your house and depart from the dining room table!!

I used mine for almost a year before I looked around to see where I could permanently *set up shop* and made use of what was already available before I bought anything else :o)


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