Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Vintage Butterfly

Last evening I thoroughly enjoyed browsing Marie's Freebies, and even downloaded a couple of delightful vintage images  . . . this butterfly was one of them :o)

I was really wishing that I had card stock in the shade of blue that is on the 2 large wings but alas! I didn't and decided to give it a try anyways, just to see how I liked working with them.  I LOVED THEM and they printed out on smooth card stock so easily with my plain ink jet!


Jacqueline said...

OH so beautiful! Stunning card - love the elements! Blue is such a nice color in vintage!

Dallas said...

You were right ~ your comment has just shown up 2 days later!!

Monica said...

That card is delightful, Dallas, love the music notes on the top. You are a butterfly expert. :)

xxx Monica

Abounding Treasures said...

Thanks Monica!!

I love butterflies and haven't done many vintage cards since these few ... but it's something I want to try my hand at more often.

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