Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy Days

It's been FREEZING COLD here these past few days with temps that we haven't experienced in many years!!

I've been warm inside most of the time other than groceries and such because I've had ONE off the shelf Etsy sale as well as 2 Custom Orders to complete . . . other than the one pictured below in dual collages, the other was for FIVE - 5X7s of the LITTLE ENGINES THAT COULD

On top of that, I've had 5 enquiries regarding Custom Orders for people in different parts of the world and one of these was about my newly offered 16" X 20" natural wrapped cotton canvases covered with 125+ butterflies!  

I have to admit, that I'm enjoying every minute of all this!!


Monica said...

That is great news, Dallas... so happy that you are enjoying every minute of it.

Sorry that it is so cold out there... wish I could get you to Indonesia.

16 x 20" and 125 butterflies - now there is a lot of work going in there.

xxx Monica

Abounding Treasures said...

I suppose your temperatures are WARM all year round?!

It *warmed up* a bit here to MINUS 4 Celsius - we're supposed to get 10-15 cm snowfall overnight and more tomorrow .... it's so pretty when it's freshly fallen, don't you think?!

I'm looking forward to the challenge to myself of doing a stamped canvas that size and if I don't sell it here locally in our small hospital art gallery, I'll hang it on my own wall :o)

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