Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Simple Earth Toned Manilla Tags

I finally purchased a box of manilla tags that measure 2.25" X  4.75" and I love them!!

Being new at using them for paper crafts and such and not at all sure what I really wanted to do or had a clue what to try, I simply had fun with them, stamping some and heat embossing another . . . just getting the feel of them :o)

I'm off to get our **card windshield replaced because of a crack that appeared Sunday morning and doubled in length by Sunday night!! **Thanks to Jeannette for pointing out that I must have CARDS on the brain when I meant my CAR windshield :o)**


Jeannette said...

Tee hee, it seems you have "cards" on the brain...that must be your car windshield you are getting repaired. Your lovely card tags, however, need no repair.

Dotty Jo said...

These are gorgeous Dallas, so pretty! Jo x

Dallas said...


LOL!! Thanks for pointing that out ... cards are far more interesting than cars any day!!




Susan Raihala said...

Amazing the beauty you can create just having fun!

Dallas said...


Thanks for your kind words!

For the time being, I've decided to make a big bunch of these tags and use them as *Thank Yous* to my Etsy customers :o)

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