Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hearts of Scraps

When you have lots of scraps and you've got a bit of a frugal streak like me, you just have to find ways of using up these bits and pieces in your card making and after seeing variations on this idea lately in blog-land, I decided to make my own version :o)

I've got a few other punches that I'm going to try over the next week and see what they look like done in similar ways and layouts!

It's been a drizzly week but at least the sun is finally shining now and again as I type this . . . after all, it is May Day and hopefully the temps are on the rise so flowers can bloom and our little patio table and chairs can be set up without fear of it rusting because of buckets of raindrops :o)


Dotty Jo said...

Oh Dallas, this is just perfect!!! You always get the balance of colour and pattern density just right on your cards and collages. Jo x

Susan Raihala said...

Wonderful use of scraps! I have a feeling lots of punches would work for this layout and concept, too. Hmmm. Off to think how I could use it.... Thanks!

Dallas said...

Thanks Jo!

I just keeping rearranging until it pleases my eyes :o)


Thanks Susan!

I'm looking forward to seeing what punches you use and how you arrange them :o)


Trust you're both having a great weekend!

Nancy said...

Dallas, what a lovely idea and an absolutely perfect card! Gotta love the've given me some wonderful inspiration with this, thanks so much.
bless you,

Jacqueline said...

Simply beautiful - love this idea!

Mary J said...

Hello Dallas, what a gorgeous card and a fab idea!

Sue from Oregon said...


Dallas said...

Nancy, Jacqueline, Mary J and Sue ~

Thanks for taking the time to leave words of encouragement :o)

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