Friday, November 26, 2010

My 1st Gallery Sale

In our town there is an art gallery of sorts in the corridor of our local hospital and every 2 months you are allowed to submit 3 pieces . . . I decided to give it a try 4 months ago.

When I went in yesterday to pick up my previous 3 submissions and to give them 3 more, I discovered much to my surprise and delight that this one sold last week!!! Yahooo!!

I was very hesitant at first but my husband, who is a true painter and artist, told me that art is not confined to a particular medium or defined style and that like beauty, it's often in the eye of the beholder --- that gave me the nerve courage to be brave and allow myself to try new things!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations my friend! Your art is beautiful!

Abounding Treasures said...

Thanks so much Michele ~ I appreciate your friendship and encouragement!!

Monica said...

Hearty congratulations! Well done! Am so happy for you... May you sell many, many more...



Jodi said...

Congratulations, Dallas! I quite agree with your husband's definition of art. And your piece is just lovely! Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving wishes ~ all the more thoughtful since you celebrate in a different month.

By the way - your crafting area is a thing of beauty, too. I love seeing all those white cubbies lined up ... so very organized.

Abounding Treasures said...

Thanks Monica for your good wishes!!



Thanks for your kind words regarding this piece as well as my crafting area :o)

My husband's definition of art really helped me allow myself to try whatever I wanted and just see what happened ... so did the quote on the top right side of this blog!!


Blessings to both of you ...

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