Monday, May 16, 2011

NEW Blogger -- An Oddity or Two

I came across a new blog this evening called An Oddity or Two. Isabelle is a mixed media artist working out of her tiny studio in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

The post really spoke to me because she shared how she's been avoiding her own studio space!!

WHY, you might ask!!

For the same reason I've been avoiding mine --- the chaos and mess!!

A little over 1 year ago, I set up ONE FULL SIDE of our upstairs guest room specifically for the purpose of having a place to store all my supplies and to do all my work because using the dining room table was just NOT working well ... it was NO fun having to clean away everything you're working on just because it was supper time :(

Well, the past 2-3 months have been especially busy for me with all my venues ~ Etsy shop, Facebook page, local custom orders, consignment selling at Fiddleheads Kids Shop in Dartmouth; Love, Me Boutique in Halifax and the brand new gift shop Treasures of Distinction in Pictou AS WELL AS creating my own website!

Not even mentioning trying to get prepared for my very 1st appearance at our local craft fair!

My craft area soon became a place where I only stored supplies while my dining table once again became my work area :(

Isabelle's post about spring cleaning her studio plus the fact that we are expecting a guest to use that room for about 2 months beginning mid June are the impetus I've needed to go through and CLEAN IT UP!!

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