Thursday, May 26, 2011

Treasures of Distinction Grand Opening Weekend

Here's the view as you enter the open door of Treasures of Distinction at 41 Water Street in Pictou NS.

Myrna, the smiling owner of this delightful gift shop which is filled completely with Nova Scotian handmade creations!!

There is a large wooden table just as you walk into the store and spread across the top are these gorgeous handmade quilts in all their glory!

These creations are just to your left inside the front door ~ the bright colours and superb craftsmanship are a feast for the eyes :)

All-Natural soaps, lotions, bath and facial potions from Melly's Smelly Soaps are displayed on an old wooden wash stand.
I guess you could say this is *my* wall :)  
13 of my 15 creations are featured here while the other 2 are behind the glass case near the cash desk.

Blueberry Bay Photos has a wall of their own as well :)
Here are some more wonderful pieces of original art --

Handmade candles, baskets, wooden treasures ... Myrna pointed out that she had to put *NOT FOR SALE* tags on her own 2 Tiffany lamps as people wanted to buy them!!

Just as we were leaving, a few people came in to browse and that's a very good thing for any new store!

Myrna told us that the tourist season is when she expects the most visitors, beginning late June and early July.
The photos don't do the store justice ~ you've really got to visit it yourself to fully appreciate the wonderful fragrances of the handmade soaps and candles that pervade the air and to see all the wonderful colours and textures of the various handmade treasures that fill the shop :)

We wish Myrna and her family all the very best with their brand new endeavour!!

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